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Students of JNV,Rajgir performing Dance in Kolkata

Shanti Stupa, Rajgir

Sri Surendra Pd. Tarun, Ex.Edu.Minister,Govt. of Bihar with staff members of JNV,Rajgir, Nalanda

Commissioner, Mr.O.N.Singh,GM(Const.) and Mr.A.P.Trivedi,D.C,NVS,RO,Patna

Migrated students performing dance

Commissioner, Mr. O.N.Singh viewing Vidyalaya publication

Budham Sharanam Gachami

Staff members planting on the occasion of Van Mahotsava

Mr. Mahendra Prasad, Principal demonstrating Slides of his cluster as a cluster co-ordinator

Students along with Saraswati idol in the Vidyalaya on the ocassion of Saraswati Puja cerememony.

Mrs. Kiran chandra ,A.C(Admn.) , NVS,RO, Patna addressing Principal during Principal conference at JNV,Nalanda

Mr. S.P.Tarun,Ex.Edu.Minister,Govt. of Bihar along with staff members of JNV,Nalanda planting trees during Van Mahotsava function at JNV,Nalanda.

Mr.M.A.A.Fatmi along with cricket players at JNV,Nalanda

MOS ,Mr.M.A.A.Fatmi in action during charity cricket match at JNV,Nalanda

Bauna Dance during Commissioner Programme at JNV Nalanda

MOS,Mr.M.A.A.Fatmi , inagurating VSAT connectivity by cutting ribbon in Computer Room, at JNV, Nalanda

Warm welcome of Commissioner, NVS,HQ, New Delhi at JNV, Nalanda

Ahat pe Kaan , dar pe nazar, dil mein ishteyaq kuch aisi hi bekhudi hai tere intezar mein,( in welcome of Commissioner,NVS,New Delhi).

Commissioner, Mr. O.N.Singh in Science Exhibition at JNV Nalanda

Commissioner discussing the progress and other activity of Alumni students of JNV Nalanda with Librarian Mr. S.A.Hafiz and Mr. S.H.Ali, F.C.S.A.

Guests on the occassion of visit of MOS, Mr. M.A.A. Fatmi.

Tasweerein bolti hai, a view of rope way .

Students of JNV Nalanda performing dance .

Girls in action during dance programme.

Welcome of MOS, Mr. M.A.A.Fatmi.

Principal conference at JNV, Nalanda

Girls with Maths project at JNV Nalanda

Presentation of Momentos during MOS Visit.

MOS, Mr. M.A.A.Fatmi addressing the Vidyalaya family .

Commissioner, Mr. O.N.Singh viewing Rangoli during his visit at JNV, Nalanda

Arrival of commisioner, NVS,HQ,New Delhi

Welcome of MOS,Mr. M.A.A.Fatmi, Govt. of India

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